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“Reply for success? What does that wealth tip even mean? Clare’s a little nuts but I’ll read what she’s writing because I want to be successful and she says she’s successful.”

Read this if you want to be successful:


I have a rule which I’m not afraid to state here because I know some of you will call me out if I don’t follow it. I once listened to a talk from a very successful advisor and he said that to offer the best service you should try to reply to emails and phone calls within 2 hours. There are exceptions obviously; I’m not replying to you if I’m asleep, it’s physically impossible. Although I have a 3 year old so chances are I’m up anyway.

I haven’t heard back from several business emails from last week. Not even a “hey I’m working on it” reply.

Do people not want to do #business? These emails I have out are not clients of mine, I don’t expect them to get back within 2 hours although I appreciate if they do. No pressure! 😉 These emails are me trying to become someone’s client. So I ask again, are they not in business? They’re too important? I’m not important enough?

The whole “I’m too busy to see you this week” attitude is over. I guarantee you have time to fit that one client in this week.

I reply to people when I get up at 5am, over the weekend, when I’m at my condo in Mexico. I don’t care where I am, I try to help and do my business. Why? Because the people I know who are the most successful don’t wait to reply, they keep pushing business forward. That’s why they’re successful.

The more you reply, the more room you have for the next person you can help.

I hope you’re now saying “ok, Clare is still nuts but I see her point. I can’t stand people making me making me wait.”

Trust me, we’re not that important. You know who is? Those you serve. Now go get it.

Clare Baukham.

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