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The Number One Money Complaint I Hear Right Now

The thing I hear most after I address "The Number One Money Complaint" is “this makes me feel like I’m going to be ok!”

The complaint is: “I can’t sleep at night due to my finances, is this normal?” Yes, it is.

There have been a surge of women and men coming to us who are getting separated from their spouses or who have ultra high mortgage payments.

Your lack of sleep is normal, not to say this is a healthy way to live at all, we do need to stop the bleeding of your financial anxiety. There are strategies to help you feel like you have things under control. Sometimes I see clients displaying paralysis regarding their finances, if they just do nothing at all, maybe it’ll go away, but this isn’t the case, it usually gets worse.

Think about it this way, your finances are more intimate than your health. You’ll go to a barbeque with your friends and speak freely about your irritable bowel syndrome or back pain but you will never discuss your finances with those same people, so you become a shut in and suffer alone.

Just remember one thing, we can’t change the wind, but we can adjust our sails.

There’s always a way to win and to get more sleep too.


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