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Clear Wealth Group Ebooks designed to advance your financial position


Taken from our lead Investment Advisors past decade in the financial industry along with further experience in the health and wellness sectors, Clare provides eye opening insights in our e-book series.


Head Start is geared towards families with young children looking to give them a head start on their finances earlier than our parents gave us. But if you feel like you need this for your teen or adult children, it’s as good a place as any to get the strategies needed to build generational wealth. It starts with you.


The Cancer Book is all about the 3 P’s: Prevention, Preparation and Protection. With mind blowing information about how to prevent this disease along with resources to help find your cure, this book will help those who are looking to protect themselves against the what if questions. What if you became seriously ill, and lived? Can you afford the risk?

Clear Wealth Group Cancer Book
Clear Wealth Group - Head Start EBook

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