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You Need More Time for Wellness, But if You Can’t Get It…

Imagine you’re working from your dock at your cottage or your backyard by your pool. Could you handle that scene? Yoga, meditation, organic food and plenty of rest. Sounds perfect right?

While most of us strive to achieve this level in our lives and we achieve it to an extent, it’s not always a reality. We have to work. Look at the cost of groceries for one thing and mortgages have gone up with the recent interest rate hikes. So, sorry Clare, but it doesn’t work that way.

I get it. But, since it can’t work that way, shouldn’t we do everything else we can to protect ourselves against what seems like the inevitable?

We do all the right things for our health but then we get the dreaded results of the “C” word. Now what? Well, now we’re forced to slow down and live the above-mentioned life. All of those things we dreamed of are now a reality and not because we wanted them to be.

Not on our terms.

What would you do if you became seriously ill and you lived? Quick story for you about a good client of mine from a few years ago… we can call her Lucy (name was changed to protect her privacy).

Lucy was adamant about not having Critical Illness Insurance (CI), I insisted as I knew her family had cancer in the genetics. We did a $250,000 policy. When I visited her about 8 months after we put the policy in place, she came down the stairs with tears in her eyes and hugged me. Her husband came down after her and did the same. With tears in my eyes, I asked what was happening. She said “thank god for you Clare, thank you for pushing me to get the CI because I have breast cancer.” She was able to use it to fly home South to see her family before the therapy began and then repaired her car as well for all the visits to the hospital she would make.

You can read more about this strategy along with prevention, protection and preparation sections in my e-book coming out soon.

Enjoy the time at the cottage or in the backyard but do it knowing you did everything you could to protect yourself. You buy car insurance because it’s mandatory. Apply for CI insurance because it’s mandatory for not disrupting your income, your life and your financial plan.

Be well,


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