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If you’re in your mid 40’s to mid 50’s, you know what you should have been doing, saving since you were in your early 20’s. We know, we heard all about it and none of us did it, except Mary, the little girl in the example that still gets splashed in front of us. “Mary #saves $1,000/month starting at age 20…”

We’re told the typical path in #life looks something like this: #school, #job, find a #partner, get #married, buy a #house, have some #kids, #vacation once a year, get a promotion. Yet most of us don’t follow this path or now find ourselves playing Tetris with all these building blocks.

A lot of clients who come to me in their 40’s and 50’s find themselves getting separated, in mixed families, changing careers or starting businesses and with very little savings except what they were forced to save with the company matching program.

In my recent workshop entitled “Level Up Your Wealth” I discussed this Tetris timeline and how it doesn’t matter where you are in the process, we can catch you up to where you need to be on the money path to amassing wealth for yourself.

So, Mary, we’ll see you at the top!

Clare Baukham CLU, RRC.

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