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The Fastest, Easiest Route to Being Rich

My obsession and my impatience has made a lot of people a LOT of money.

Since I was young (you’re right, I’m still only 29...again) I’ve been obsessed with wealth and money. I’ve had many businesses and was successful with those but they just weren’t the thing that was driving me. When I was finally honest with myself and figured out that I was just in search for wealth and the fastest way to make a lot of money, then I found my true path. I used to obsess about this with a co-worker at my parents store. We’d go on saying things like “what do you think is the highest paying job in the world” or “what’s the fastest way to get super rich?” Somehow, he always came back with strange activities, to which I told him he should go for those, I am out.

My continuous research for the path is not just for me, but for the people I look after as well. Why just keep it for myself when I can bring others along for the ride?

So, what have I found so far? Here’s the short form of my list:

1. Work your tail off.

2. Multiple income streams.

3. Investments.

4. Inheritance, not always available, also involves death: avoid.

5. Lottery. Lol.

My top three are how I’ve seen some of my friends get into the 9 figure range. Investments don’t have to be “ultra sexy” aka very risky either. But you won’t likely save your way to being ultra wealthy either. I can tell you what you’d need to save in order to do that.

There’s a billionaire in Canada who says his quest was to figure out how the ultra wealthy came into their fortunes. I continue to find the path for myself and those around me. I have and will continue to test the ideas those throw at me but in the end, it always goes back to those top three things in my list.

What ever you do, enjoy the ride along the way. It’s not about the destination.


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