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Need to Play Catch Up?

The number one question I get asked by new clients is “How are we doing relative to others

our age?” The answer might surprise you…

You are approaching your late 40’s or just reached your early 50’s, your kids are grown enough that they don’t need you every second of every day (maybe they still do!) but they are self sufficient enough that you have started to think about you again and when you might be able to retire or do more with your life.

Or, you may think that you will work forever, and that is great, Especially if you love what you do or have the kind of job or business that allows for a better balance. I would like you to

have the option to retire though, just in case.

Usually the answer to the above question “How are we doing relative to others our age?” is “the same”. Most people are in about the same position (from what I’ve seen) and a few aren’t doing much at all. This is because you have been busy raising little heroes, cleaning your house, going to work, planning trips, vacations and trying to keep active etc… You are busy!

We have some strategies to help you play catch up even if you didn’t start saving in your 20’s like they suggest in many books (trust me, I wasn’t saving in my 20’s, I was living and figuring things out). You are still going to be able to retire in most cases.

If you want an assessment, I would be glad to give you one with no obligation of becoming a client. Just reach out and we can have a quick call and I will share some ideas for you to take back to your advisor so you can make up for lost time.

In my upcoming webinar I will also discuss these strategies so watch for a date that suits your schedule. If you would like a reminder of this webinar, please send me a message and I will have my team email when we have our Fall dates available.

Be well,


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